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Kongressprogramm Deutscher Homöopathie-Kongress 2012

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Homeopathic provings: A report about the Subcommittee for Provings of the European Committee for Homeopathy ECH and the LIGA

Results and future work

Vortrag von Jean Pierre Jansen


Jean Pierre Jansen (NL)The ECH Subcommittee for Provings designed guidelines for provings that are intended to coordinators who want to answer questions if and how they could improve the proving they prepare. As such, the document represents guidance, and is not a law, cut in stone.

The major components of the guidelines are about the homoeopathically relevant guidance. However, also (national) legislation and regulation are guiding principles, although they are not always consistent with the reality of homeopathic practice. We have to give to the emperor what belongs to the emperor.

The development history and the main topics that generated discussion over the years are presented with an overview of the pro's and contra's for each topic. Think of the use of placebo controls, the various posologic systems, the advantages and disadvantages of supervision, issues of publication, amount of bureaucracy, safety issues, etc.

The goal of this presentation is to create a common level of knowledge, so that those interested in provings from their various points of view (both proving coordinators and colleagues working in the regulatory field) can have a mutual understanding.

The current use of the guidelines and future developments illustrate the relevance and importance of such a mutual understanding.



  • Arzt für Homöopathie seit 1988 und Neuraltherapie seit 2009 in eigener Praxis in Groningen in den Niederlanden.
  • Forschungstätigkeit seit 2006 als Mitglied der Niederländische Verein homöopathischer Ärzte VHAN.
  • Dozententätigkeit in Homöopathie seit 1991
  • Arzneimittelprüfungen seit 1992
  • Redaktion Zeitschrift Homeopathic Links: 1995-1997
  • Mitglied des ECH Subcommittee for Provings seit 1995, Koordinator dieses Subcommittee seit 2008


Jean Pierre Jansen MD

Groningen, The Netherlands

Coordinator of the Subcommittee for Provings of the European Commitee for Homeopathy ECH



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